Welcome to our world of scientific inspiration and creativity! At SciCanvas, we are more than just a textile shop — we are a passionate team of scientists on a mission to merge the realms of science and art.

Driven by our shared love for discovery and innovation, we began a journey to transform scientific imagery from our experiments into captivating patterns. These patterns come to life on fabric, where they are carefully crafted into a diverse array of textile products, including scarves, pareos, bandanas, skirts, tops, and accessories like scrunchies, ribbons, bow-ties, and ties. Additionally, we offer household items such as textile bags, table runners, napkins, mugs, and blankets.

Our goal is twofold: to showcase the beauty of scientific visualization as a form of art and to provide a platform for fellow scientists to express themselves through our textile creations. We believe that science and creativity are inherently intertwined, and our products serve as a testament to this belief.

Whether you're a science enthusiast looking to add a touch of uniqueness to your wardrobe or a fellow scientist eager to showcase your passion through textile art, we invite you to explore our collection and join us in celebrating the beauty of science in every stitch. In SciCanvas science meets style!

Would you like to give your data a new life? You can easily become a part of our project by sharing with us your images, graphics, any visual data and we will create an original design from it. Click here to join!

Share your research with our design

Share your research with our design

Give your scientific data a new life. Bring it popularity. Share with us your images / graphs / any scientific data and we will create an original design from it.