Winter is coming and all of us are looking for something cozy and warm. The easiest and fastest way to create a pleasant atmosphere of comfort is to simply make a cup of aromatic coffee. Even if you are not a fan of coffee itself, the fragrance of freshly brewed cup of coffee will fascinate everyone.

Did you know that to compose a unique aroma of freshly brewed coffee the right combination of over ten different molecules is needed. Moreover, if you’d smell them separately, the smell of some of them you wouldn’t enjoy at all. For example, 3-mercapto, 3-methylbutylformate, which has a catty smell or methanethiol, which has a smell of rotten cabbage. Some molecules have an earthy smell (2-isobutyl-2-methoxypyrazine), or a smoky earthy smell (2-ethyl, 3,5-dimethylpyrazine). 

On the other hand, some molecules are more pleasant alone. Acetaldehyde - brings fruity notes, honey notes are created by E-(β)-damascenone, furaneol brings caramel notes. And only a very specific mixture of these divergent compounds in the specific ratio which differs also in different coffee beans would produce a unique gentle and extremely pleasant aroma.

Here we present our new pattern composed from these coffee molecules which are visualized the way you can observe its atoms and electrons which are creating electronic density around atoms. You can enjoy your coffee very deeply observing amazing shapes of molecules, which are creating its aroma. If you are interested in knowing more about the scientific side of coffee, you can click here to get more knowledge.

PhD and job hiring

PhD and job hiring

Philosophy is knowledge and the ability to ascertain knowledge. This means that if you have a PhD, you're a Doctor of Learning and processing information...