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Eco-friendly Bag "VIRUS"
Design origin: ordinary virus. More

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Bag "VIRUS" Blue In stock 10 €
Bag "VIRUS" Green In stock 10 €
Bag "VIRUS" Yellow In stock 10 €
Bag "VIRUS" SummerBrights In stock 10 €
Bag "VIRUS" PetalHues In stock 10 €
Bag "VIRUS" ColorNature In stock 10 €
Bag "VIRUS" ColorPick In stock 10 €

Hidden threat: a portrait of one of the common viruses and biological replicators, a powerful biological machine. A virus is the highest form of the parasite. It can go inside our cells and use our cells' machinery to multiply itself. Here we can see a model structure of virus obtained by analysis of Cryo-Electron Microscopy data and X-ray crystallography. 

Item Detail:

100% cotton

Bag weight ± 140 g/m²

Length of bag: 50 cm

Width of bag: 35 cm

How to wash:

hand wash in cold water or warm water. Dry flat or line dry.