Actin Cytoskeleton Fabric

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10 cm

Fabric design origin:
Actin cytoskeleton and protein complexes in human fibroblast. More

Actin fibrils create a structural basis of a living cell, its strong carcass, that plays a key role in locomotion of cells and in-cell material redistribution.

Inspired by original image by Danila Bobkov, PhD

Item Detail:

• Composition: 100% soft viscose
• Fabric weight ± 80 g/m² (± 2.36 oz/yd²)
• Care: machine washable 30-40C (95-105F) / tumble dry low / no ironing needed

Original Fabric is 147 cm (58 inches)  wide and you can order any length you need!

The price is per linear 10 cm.