Napkin Mulled Wine - Pattern variant: Mulled wine red


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Cotton napkin.

Christmas time is time for snow. Even if you live in southern regions, still the magic of falling snowflakes will enchant everyone. We all know that they are formed from water and each snowflake is unique as all of us :) They start to form on dust particles in the air and going down forming crystals continue to grow using water vapor from the air. And as a result, we can see crystallized drops of water named snowflake. Its 6-fold radial symmetry is defined by the form and orientation of water molecules in the crystal. More science behind snowflakes formation you can find here.

And we introduce you our new patterns which are created to make Christmas even more cozy and magic. Pictures used in pattern creation are of snowflakes in the light microscope and in the scanning electron microscope. Electron microscopy let us see snowflake fragile structure as a massive blocks of ice layers. Enjoy snowflake perfectness even at home next to your fireplace ;)

150 g/m2 100% cotton


35 cm x 30 cm

Wash care:

Machine wash 400C, normal cycle. Do not bleach. Tumble dry, medium, normal cycle. Iron medium. Do not dry clean.