SciArt Infinity Scarves - Pattern variant: Actin cytoskeleton


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Soft viscose infinity scarves with scientific motives. More

Soft viscose infinity scarves with scientific motives. Fabric design origin: confocal microscopy images. 

Are you wondering what to give to your lovely girlfriend? Something surprising, meaningful, as beautiful and original as is she? Our original infinity scarves will not only surprise with its beauty but also show you the nature in it’s fine details. And she will definitely appreciate soft viscose fabric from which scarves are made. It will be almost the same gentle as your kiss ;)

Inspired by the original images by Danila Bobkov, PhD.

Item Detail:
100% soft viscose
Fabric weight ± 80 g/m²
Length of scarf: 120 cm (47 inches)
Width of scarf: 30 cm (11.8 inches)
How to wash:
hand wash in cold water or warm water. Dry flat or line dry.