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Design origin:

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrum of  Staufen-1 protein RNA-binding domains.  More


Design origin:

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrum of  Staufen-1 protein RNA-binding domains. 

It's not possible to see molecules even with the microscope. That's why people invent different instruments to see deeper in cells and materials. The thing is that the size of the object, which we can see dependents on the wavelength of light or other radiation. That creates limitations in the size of a molecule which we can really see. There are some ways to see unseeable. One of them is the usage of atoms features to change the magnetic field. That's where magnetic resonance spectroscopy comes to the rescue. But there is a long way between registering a signal from a molecule and modeling its real structure. The NMR spectrum is the first step.

Inspired by spectrum obtained by Deepak Kumar Jadav, PhD

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100% soft viscose

Fabric weight ± 80 g/m² (± 2.36 oz/yd²)

Length of scarf: 127 cm (50 inches)

Width of scarf: 45 cm (17.7 inches)

How to wash:

hand wash in cold water or warm water. Dry flat or line dry.